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Incitement is present in 46 countries and counting. Here’s a list of countries we are currently active in: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States.

Furthermore, we also organise events in the following countries with the help of our global ambassadors.

Fabrizio Scanavini
Incitement France
An expert on process improvements, Kaizen and change management, Fabrizio has been a manager in the industrial industry for years. He also applies his expertise in managing many of Incitement Italy's projects.
Melanie van der Storm
Incitement Holland
Melanie is equipped with over 8 years of marketing experience, and is currently a sought-after growth marketing consultant to set up and expand online marketing activities and teams for companies.
Lorenzo Olivieri
Incitement Italy
Lorenzo is the Cofounder and Director of Incitement Italy, Cofounder of Chakruna, and a pioneering and widely-successful Digital Event Organiser with hundreds of events in his portfolio.
Cristian Fontanelli
Incitement UK
Cristian Fontanelli, founder of Incitement UK and Marketing Manager at Success Resources, has over 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, investor, business coach and bestselling author.
Jacopo Tabanelli
Incitement Italy
Jacopo, Cofounder of Chakruna, applies over a decade of training and education experience as founder of Scuola 3.0 where he works closely with Tony Buzan to bring innovation and Rapid Learning techniques into today's education system.
Daniel Oltean
Incitement Romania
Daniel is the founder and owner of SC HouseCrafts SRL-D where he creates handmade Romanian products to promote the country's culture. He also manages social projects as Director of Incitement Romania.
Teodora Lupu
Incitement Denmark
Teodora is the founder of Incitement Denmark as well as a Creative Brand Manager and Marketer with extensive knowledge in sustainable and socially responsible marketing, advertising and graphic design.
Muhannad Saoub
Incitement Jordan
Muhannad is currently a Field Coordinator for Mateen, a non-profit in Jordan aiming to help marginalised children. He is a young professional in the humanitarian and youth development field and cofounder of Incitement Jordan.
Hermes Ariaga
Incitement Croatia
Hermes is the Cofounder and Director of Impact Hub Zagreb, a thought leader of social entrepreneurship in Croatia. He supports, mentors, and consultts entrepreneurs and organisations on business strategy.
Pavle Krivokuca
Incitement Serbia
Incitement Serbia's founder and Impact Hub Belgrade's Maker and Business Practicioner, Pavle facilitates the impact creation process and inspires Serbia's youth to undertake positive action.
Yahya Marzouk
Incitement Tunisia
Aside from Largestinfo's Director of Operations, Yahya is also a National Coordinator for Social Impact Award Tunisia where he empowers youths to become social entrepreneurs and changemakers in their communities.
April Ong Vano
Incitement Philippines
A Consultant for the Startup Ecosystem Development Program by the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry, April also serves as Business Development and Policy Associate at a legal firm focusing on competition, integration and innovation.
Konstantin Popkov
Incitement Russia
Konstantin is Cofounder of Incitement Russia, Next Generation Leader at the McCain Institute for International Leadership, and founder of MyAudience, a training company for character-driven leadership culture.
Duha Elmardi
Incitement Canada
Duha is a Communication and Development Fellow at DC SCORES and an Atlas Corps Alumni under President Obama's Emerging Global Leaders Initiative. She also coached kids at schools in Washington, DC and founded Incitement Khartoum.
Mazin Mohamed
Incitement Sudan
Mazin, Cofounder of Visit Sudan, is a social entrepreneur and community leader working on rural development and conflict resolution through entrepreneurship workshops and mentoring low-income villagers in tourism services.
Alejandra Perdomo
Incitement Colombia
Cofounder of Incitement Columbia and Operations Manager at jobandtalent, Alejandra applies her years of experience in operations and projects in leading impactful social projects with multiple nonprofit organisations.
Juliana Bermeo
Incitement Colombia
Juliana cofounded Incitement Columbia and serves as a Business Manager focusing on promotion, incestment and exports for the Colombian National Agency where she helps IT companies grow into international markets.
Daliso Ngoma
Incitement South Africa
Daliso is the CTO at African Technopreneurs, a company that aims to develop the tech scene in South Africa. He is also the Event Director at HackerX focusing on technological developments and hackathons.
Ivana Florencia Oven
Incitement Slovenia
Ivana is spreading Incitement in Slovenia and is also the Founder of FLOR, a company focused on connecting ethical consumers and producers to support fair trade, local, zero waste and responsible shopping.
Robert Eckstein
Incitement Germany
Robert pursues work with heart and purpose, which he does as Incitement Berlin's Host, Community Catalyst of Impact Hub Berlin, and Trainer, Facilitator & Systemic Counselor at Universe Traveler.
Breno Barcellos
Incitement Brazil
Breno is a communication specialist with international experience in multimedia production - from news writing to video and photography - as well as social media. He uses Digital Marketing and Communications to create social impact and change.
Ahmed Abdihakim
Incitement Somalia
From refugee to teacher to Director of a school, Ahmed is currently studying Engineering Entrepreneurship. He also volunteered extensively and spends time understanding the situation in Somalia and its youth to create impact.
Adnane Addioui
Incitement Morocco
Adnane is an Ashoka Fellow, Cofounder of the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Country Director for Enactus Morrocco, a World Bank-IMF Fellow and an active member of the Junior Chamber International.
Diletta Marabini
Cofounder of Incitement Italy, Diletta has a background in psychology that she applied in life and business training, digital strategy, and communication. She aims to educate others on global awareness and responsibility, and empower people and businesses.
Ali Abbas
Incitement Syria
Founder of Incitement Syria, Ali has a background in telecommunication engineering that he applied in managing and assisting in building solar power panels that will serve as a clean energy source in rural locations in Malaysian country side. He now aims to bring global awareness and responsibility in Syria.
Riley Spear
Incitement Utah, US
As a founder of Incitement Utah, Riley is seeking out the best ways to help the world. He is currently focusing on creating relationships between businesses and the local community organizations. Riley is experienced in corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, and leadership development.
Mohamed Ashraf
Incitement Alexandria, Egypt
As a community builder with a strong passion for personal development, Ashraf aims to educate others on global awareness and responsibility, and empower people and businesses.
Gilang Saputra
Incitement Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gilang is one of the most young and passionate Incitement ambassadors. With a strong background in humanitarian work, he is leading Incitement's independent volunteering activities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Hamza Mohamed Abdiwahab
Incitement Nairobi, Kenya
As a public relations manager for Africa and Middle East, Hamza is a strong advocate for Youth Development and thinks that Incitement in Nairobi, Kenya is the best way to empower the local youth.
Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury
Incitement Dhaka, Bangladesh
Entrepreneur, Community Leader & Social Worker, Sumaiya started her public health journey in 2009. She strongly believes that education can change lives and she is applying this principle in all her women empowerment projects and activities.
Syaifudin Muhamad
Incitement Malang, Indonesia
As a founder of Incitement in Malang, Indonesia, Syaifudin aims to empower rural youth through education.
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