Event types

Choosing the right event type for the right audience


There are 3 different Incitement events you can choose from when you apply for a license. Below you will find more information about each event types. Before you apply for your license it is important to understand the type of event you’re applying for, and the rules that apply on this event type.

Standard event

This is the most common event type for Incitement events. Most organizers choose this event type because it gives them a wider range of options when it comes the organization of it.

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University event

University events are held at a school, college, or university, and are organized by their staff, faculty, or students. It’s a perfect way for your university to inspire and motivate students to grow personally and professionally inside a playful and fun environment.

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The Gathering

The Gathering is a smaller event where you get the Incitement team and audience together under an informal setting to talk about a topic that has the same theme as your Incitement Event. You should try to invite some of the most inspirational people you know, you could even get one of the speakers at your event to come.

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