“Health is a relationship between you and your body” Terri Guillemets

This day is dedicated to women and we invite mothers and daughters ,sisters, and girlfriends to join us. Its a free event and every Palestinian female is welcome

We want to explore your world of dieting and weight lose goals, is there a set standard of beauty that we should all fit into?

How can we shift the energy and time spend on dieting to living healthy and strong body, mind, and soul.

We gathered a group of passionate healthy Palestinian women and nutrition experts for the 8th June to share their stories and the times they decided to live happy, healthy, and strong.

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Meet Hanin Salsa’ will let us all in on her passion for Zomba and her long struggle with weight and peoples judgments. Hanin has passion for music as well, and is a delight to be around with all the positive energy she can give.
Meet Rozeen Odeh who just graduated as a nutritionist, and only after few clients she was shocked by the amount of pressure that young females her age and younger are under. She is eager to share stories from around her social network of females that she believes is leading this community to a battle with...
Meet Rana Farhoud an adorable fashionista and nail artist. She completed her Travel and tourism degree from Bethlehem University but her passion and love for fashion and beauty was stronger, and she is so good at it. She wants to be an inspiration and role model to other, and Incitement Palestine is her first stage...
Yoga for peace is Sandi Awwad’s mission; a friendly, positive, bubbly, cute, social, awesome, down to earth women who is a working mother of three. In 2011 she found yoga as her perfect way to manage her stress, and she found her inner peace, now Sandi is on a mission to share this peace with...
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  • Start Date
    June 8, 2014 16:30
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    June 8, 2014
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    Incitement Palestina
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