“This world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Incitement Kuala Lumpur presents ‘Building Communities that Matter’, a moving topic where we all can relate on our daily lives. Communities have played a huge role on our daily lives whether it’s your neighbourhood or your community center for orphans or even in Orang Asli’s village; they all vary and impact the way how we interact and grow as a community. But what makes a community a community? How does business help grow urban communities to rural communities? What sort of communities can play a part on solving real world problems? All of these burning questions will be talked about by our amazing Inciters who will be speaking in this episode of Incitement.

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Deborah co-founded the Fugee School with Shikeen Halibullah and Shafie Mohamed in 2009. This school, located in Gombak, provides basic education to some 90 Somalia refugee children.
Diletta Marabini is the co-founder of Incitement Italy and business manager for Mindvalley Italy. Passionate about anything related to the human mind and personal growth, her mission is to change the education system and empower people to live an extraordinary life, starting from her beloved Italy.
Ena is a Talent & People Manager at Incitement, and before she joined Incitement Global, she was deeply involved in establishing the currently buzzing Incitement Belgrade chapter in Serbia. Ena is a cycling fanatic & travel addict. She’s an active ambassador of life long learning and social entrepreneurship. She loves working in a multicultural environment...
Mimi won the Regional Yoyo Champion in 2013 KL and finished in 6th place in the 2015 World Yoyo Championship Female Open, and during this Incitement KL she’ll be showing off her inimitable yoyo skills. She is currently representing “YoyoFactory Malaysia” and “28spin”
Fahmi founded AT Globalwear Concept Sdn Bhd in 2013, the company that currently holds exclusive rights to distribute and retail product under the brand TOMS in Malaysia and Singapore. He believes that companies and entrepreneurs co-create business models that enable them to create a real sustainable social impact.
Brazilian, dreamer, traveler, and passionate about volunteering. Crazy about superheroes and their stories. In 2012 left everything behind and moved to Paraguay to build a community of students based on community projects and leadership development. He has been invited to speak at leadership conferences in over 15 countries. Today he lives in Malaysia and works...
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