We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go on.
– Terry Swearingen

We’re aware that our planet is deteriorating. Yet, no visible action has been made by those who are in power but empty promises.

Examples can be seen through our windows. Palm oil companies causing crazy haze in Indonesia, pollution around the world, deforestation that vanishes the natural habitat for flora and fauna, and other environmental related problems which arise every single day.

Huge and visible changes are only possible if those who are in power are committed in handling and solving this issue. While waiting for that to happen, our effort counts in making the earth a better place to live. This planet needs us.

Together, we can create a safe environment. Not only for the future but also for today.

Hence, for our next Incitement event, the lens will be focusing on environmental issues address by new (and of course awesome as usual) line up of speakers. These experts will be talking about how environmental awareness can create amazing impact and what society can do to help the environment.

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Stuart founded Babylon Vertical Farms in April 2016 – with his partners Abang Dzulqarnaen & Joel Tan – a social enterprise that aims to reduce the risk of poverty related hunger by improving technology to reduce the cost to grow food efficiently. Babylon Vertical Farms is committed to pursue and push the boundaries of innovation,...
William graduated in Marketing Communications and, after the graduation, he spent the first 3 years volunteering in SOLS 24/7. In 2013, founded Taboo Enterprise a creative solutions company that deals with event campaign consultation, execution, and “theme building” services William also specialises in upcycling workshop training together with his partners. Giving birth to a new...
A medical practitioner by profession, Dr Rajiv Bhanot moved on to pursue the path of social entrepreneurship. He is currently the managing director of H2GO Global, a Malaysian technology-based company that works on providing a cutting-edge solution to water filtration with the goal of elevating the lives of rural communities across the world. H2GO has...
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