“Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time. – Alan Collins

Bring your friends along and expect an evening packed with great talks to get inspired by, interactive activities to be empowered by, and fantastic people to take action with.

Maybe you want to change the world and don’t know where to start, maybe you’ve already started! Maybe you’d like to start your own project and maybe you’d just like to volunteer for a good cause.

If it’s positive impact that’s in the centre of your mission, our events will connect you with the right people. We all know how is networking important, some of us go to dedicated events, others prefer social media but only a few master this skill.

Knowing how to find and approach the right people is not only a skill for business world, it’s a skill for life. Whatever it is we’re trying to do, we won’t go as far on our own as we will with the right people around us.

This event will focus on the importance of networking in your personal and professional life and how these two can be easily interconnected.

We will particularly focus on the world of social enterprise and non-profit organisations, share some good tips on how to create valuable contacts and encourage you to put these in practice.
You’ll hear inspirational stories from our speakers and take a part in collective brainstorming on networking opportunities.

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