With ‘Creativity: Finding Your Wonderland’ being its theme, this upcoming Incitement event aspires to inspire young active citizens through inspiration and innovation in creating positive social impact.

Arts and photography, though at times neglected, are in fact a means capable of making a difference.

We firmly believe that in order to successfully bring about a lasting, sustainable change, it is of great significance to engage with inspiring masterpieces and photos, which may spur thinking and even actions.

Therefore, we have invited a line of speakers from different distinctive backgrounds to share with us the stories of why they do what they do. In today’s society, finding the ‘extra’ in the ordinary would allow us to stretch beyond what was previously spelt possible and being EXTRA-ordinary to break the myth of creativity. Come and indulge yourself in clouds of creativity of finding your wonderland.

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In this day and age of instant messaging, Pooi Chin believes that nothing can be more intimate by being able to keep in touch through something tangible like a handwritten letter and a carefully sealed envelope. She expresses her thoughts in the old-fashioned way, appreciates the beauty of stationery, and has true passion for crafts....
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