“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

The role of women is something that varies significantly across the world today. We are entering an age where men and women merge their best qualities of leadership. Women of today are now very formidable, determined and more important than ever; their role is not just paramount, but a necessity to the rapid evolving mindset of humanity. So we thought, “why not dedicate a whole Incitement Talk on sharing the impact and importance of our Superwomen today?”

These women are examples of what any women can achieve. Hence they’re not exceptions to the rule. They show that women can achieve such a level of success too, and even ordinary women such as yourself can do it.

For this Episode of Incitement, we want our speakers to share their compelling stories, their struggle, the journey they took in being where they are today; and most importantly, what drives them to become Aspired role models to all humanity. We are proud to share how our Superwomen of this episode of Incitement hails from all cross vertical industries giving you a broaden yet specific niche of tales to share~

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Nazlina started her website www.pickles-and-spices.com in 2007 and, initially, it was just a hobby. The cooking class was born when people started to write to her asking her to teach them how to cook, and to bring them to the market. Now she runs a thriving cooking school right in the middle of George Town,...
Low is a director cum producer and a workaholic with multiple awards, winning TV and film works with and for the young people’s interest. She started officially as the host in the big hair on ‘3R’, a ground-breaking and award-winning won empowerment TV show as well as a DJ cum producer on WOWfm back in...
Melizarani T.Selva is a spoken word poet, writer and entrepreneur who aspires to have her own television talk-show. Her rhymes are drawn from her infatuation with food, wild curiosity in taboos and all the things her Mother told her not to do.
Katka is the director of the Asian Launchpad, one of the initiatives of StartupMalaysia.org. Asian Launchpad is an accelerator for early startups which is currently working with the alumni of Global Startup Youth and is supported by the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia as well as other programs such as 1MET, D-Code and similar entrepreneurship...
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