Kicking of the the new episode in 2015, this month’s Incitement explores the Vision of 3 influential speakers who are the biggest believers in their Vision.

You are going to want to attend this month’s Incitement to be super charged with positivity, believing in people’s visions that resonate with you most and looking forward in achieving the success you deserve and your own vision of yourself.

“The VISION — All great works starts with a single thought, an idea, a glimmer that turns into a vision of what the future could possibly take shape. We are all at the very edge of creation where in any moment a single thought or idea could potentially change the course of our live. Without a vision, there is nothing meaningful to work towards to and with nothing to stand for, we fall for anything.”

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”

– George Washington Carver

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It all begun while he was serving in the choir of the local church he attended back home. Born into an average family, his love for music and his determination to succeed led him to leave his motherland Nigeria, to explore the possibilities of the world beyond reach thanks to his enthusiasm in pursuing his...
Mikkel Bjødstrup, serial entrepreneur, Founder of Halal Tech Venture Builder with halal tech companies such as Hijab2go, Medofu, and the Halal Tech Challenge. Along with his SEAL Team, he’s on a 5 year mission of bringing the halal industry online for the global Islamic population. At the age of 21, the passionate Dane founded his...
Ever since he was a small boy, Azim has always loved movies and the meticulous process behind it. His love for movies has always been profound and daydreamed that one fine day, he would make it into Hollywood. After finishing high school, that dream seemed impossible due to not much exposure or lack of schools...
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