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Blockchain Lab – Welcome to The Token Age
Milano, Italy
May 26, 2018
Analie Domingo lives in Toronto where she is working as a cleaner. Every month she goes to the Western Union desk to send money to her mother in Manila; it costs 10% in commissions and the money arrives in one week. Six months later she discovers Abra, an application based on Blockchain that allows her to...
Incitement European Summit 2019
Do well by doing good What are we fighting for? A world in which every brand acts on a social mission. And the change starts with us. That’s why, this year and for the first time at an international Incitement event, we will focus on both personal and business development. You will work with the...
Incitement European Summit 2017
Let’s tackle the world’s problems through social entrepreneurship Have you ever noticed how we’re pouring millions of dollars into big organisations claiming to solve social issues, but nothing is really changing? In fact, the global situation is getting worse and worse. Poverty is ever on the rise, clean water and energy still isn’t available to...
“From zero to hero”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
February 24, 2017
It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up – Babe Ruth. Everyone has goals and dreams, but not all of us are capable of achieving them for different kinds of reasons. Economical difficulties, family pressure, society, no free time, responsibilities – all of these can stand in the way of you and your...
“How to impact the world & create your legacy”
Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 1, 2017
This event aims to empower people to discover how to make a lasting positive impact in their communities and the world. With speakers covering a variation of themes around social entrepreneurship, volunteering and non-profit, and supporting interactive activities, the attendees will discover what they can do to make an impact themselves. The goal is to...
“Who is going to protect our children?”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 16, 2016
If we don’t stand up for children….then we don’t stand for much – Mariam W. Edelman. Think about this for a moment: who is there to protect our children, YOUR children. The first thing that probably comes to mind is their parents, family, and loved ones around them. But what happens when that’s not enough?...
“Creativity: Finding Your Wonderland”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 5, 2016
With ‘Creativity: Finding Your Wonderland’ being its theme, this upcoming Incitement event aspires to inspire young active citizens through inspiration and innovation in creating positive social impact. Arts and photography, though at times neglected, are in fact a means capable of making a difference. We firmly believe that in order to successfully bring about a...
“Creating Communities That Matter”
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
November 12, 2016
Have you ever had an idea that you were sure it would make the place you’re living in a better one? Or have you ever tried to change something around you but you never had the support to make it happen? Just take a moment and think how powerful a combination between meaningful talks and...
“What School doesn’t Teach Us”
Berlin, Germany
November 1, 2016
„What School doesn’t Teach Us“ – we could probably talk a lot about this phrase in all kinds of different directions. With this theme, the evening is NOT about purely bashing or complaining about it, however we invite to look at it with the lenses of opportunity and possibility. We want to raise thoughts and...
“Planet Calling: Do you even care?”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 30, 2016
We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go on. – Terry Swearingen We’re aware that our planet is deteriorating. Yet, no visible action has been made by those who are in power but empty promises. Examples can be seen through our windows. Palm oil companies causing crazy haze in...
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