Hailing all the way from Sarawak, meet Alena Murang. Here’s what the New Strait Times had to say about her, “A writer once described Alena Murang as a fusion of both modern and traditional, city and rainforest. She is also a fusion of performer, teacher, musician, speaker, social entrepreneur, visual artist and heritage advocate” (The New Straits Times). Alena is a young visual artist and musician from Borneo, much of her art work is influenced by the natural environment and the indigenous people of the island. With a background in strategy, project management, and the arts, Alena works with clients and communities on projects that use either or all of her skills, always with a focus on positive social and environmental impact. Past projects include social cohesion through art, supporting traditional craft-making, traditional music lessons and natural disaster relief. Alena will be inciting us all on how she is helping people with what she loves doing the most through her visual art and her traditional music.

Published on Dec 21, 2015
Help People Doing what You Love by Alena Murang @ Incitement KL

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