Meet P.J. Entrepreneur (Yes that’s right, his last name is Entrepreneur). He started his first business, “Paul’s Polished Pebbles”, at the age of 9.

P.J. is so passionate about being an entrepreneur that he legally changed his family name to Entrepreneur. He has founded, owned, managed, provided venture capital to, or acquired over 150 companies around the world across every sector from manufacturing to real estate to marketing to logistics with 10 years invested in Thailand, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia bringing a wealth of international experience.

Currently most of the things he is working on involve the Internet and after 5 years in China, suffering with blocked Internet, he came to Malaysia to launch some new companies. Paul will be inciting us all on how has he helped people with what he loves doing through business and entrepreneurship.

Published on Dec 21, 2015
Building Communities that Matter by Ena Sehovic @ Incitement KL

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