October 13th & 14th, 2018 Milan, Italy
Incitement EuropeanSummit
One person can make a difference, but together... we can revolutionise the world.
Entrepreneurship done right
Learn how to design and execute a social project and make it profitable.

Attend workshops designed to teach you how to setup your own social projects and make them profitable.


Some of the brightest minds in social entrepreneurship will take the stage during this summit, giving talks that will surely motivate you to take action on your goals.


You'll meet a ton of likeminded people, and you'll get access to our global network of social game-changers with thousands of brands, NGOs, and volunteers.


Incitement speakers are known to deliver inspirational and engaging talks. But above all, they're a lot of fun!

Full schedule to be announced soon.
Day One - Do well “Goal setting for success”  with Marcello Mondello “Mind mapping & fast learning abilities workshop” by Jacopo Tabanelli “Keeping balance” with Lucia Giovanini “If your brand was a person, what would it believe in?” by Nicole Lin
Day Two - Do good “Successfully implementing SDGs in your business” by Melinda Wolf “Macro trends of a global business” by Stephen Croncota “Using blockchain for social impact” with Daniel de Gruijter "You can't fail in a business of helping people" by Zikry Kholil
Full line up of speakers to be announced soon.
Crazy Business Maverick. There isn‘t a more fitting description for Daniel than that by thecrazyones.org. From building a profitable online strategy business with zero investment even before graduating to growing multi-million dollar businesses and tech projects as Head of Conversions at Mindvalley, Daniel has a track record of outstanding results. His entrepreneurial zeal led him to...
Lucia is a bestselling author and an environmental & animal activist, who constantly focuses on growing and helping people live a balanced life.
As a writer, lecturer and independent researcher Marcello’s work is focusing on human well being and through his books and workshops he has impacted thousands of lives in Italy.
As CMO at Versace, former CMO at Escada, and former SVP of Creative Design at Warner Bros, Stephen is a seasoned marketing and creative executive with extensive experience in aspirational global lifestyle brands and consumer products.
Future of Humanity is a decentralised and distributed communities- and technology stack for the United Nations SDGs, responsible for partnering with the best in technology, philanthropy, and ethical business. Melinda is also the founding partner of Contribution.Network, UHAI.io, 300×2050.org, Leaping.org and Blockchain for Impact, and is a contributing writer for ICOcrowd.com
Formerly a management consultant, Nicole is experienced in conducting business analyses, designing and developing strategies, and implementing solutions for multi-million companies. She applies her expertise to design and develop CSR solutions with Incitement’s corporate clients.
Driven by his value for integrity and delivering quality and more than a decade spent in training and education field, Jacopo founded Scuola 3.0. As a project that aims to bring innovation and rapid learning techniques in today’s education system, Scuola 3.0 partnered up with Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Map, and in less than...
Zikry cofounded The Incitement Movement with former colleague Daniel de Gruijter, a global movement that encourages individual to incite positivity all forms and taking assertive action. Incitement now is Malaysia’s fastest growing movement where it has spread its presence in 37 Countries. It is a unique event, a semi-facilitative gathering that emphasises on high energy...

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