Incitement License Agreement

When you apply for an Incitement license you will be required to acknowledge and agree with the Incitement License Agreement below.

Before applying for any license from Incitement Sdn. Bhd. (The Incitement) to organise an Incitement event, you are required by The Incitement to agree and accept the following license.

This license includes all the rules and requirements stated below. Make sure you have read and understood the rules and requirement to organise an Incitement event before you agree to this license.

When you accept the terms and conditions below, Incitement will grant you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license (the License) to use the Incitement name, logo, trademarks, service marks, and materials.

In order to use The Incitement’s Intellectual Property, you must ensure that you abide by all the rules set in this agreement. The following rules will be modified by The Incitement at its own discretion from time to time whenever The Incitement deems appropriate to do so. The Incitement may amend, modify, supplement and/or replace the rules and regulations of this Licensing in writing at any time.

The terms of this license shall commence and shall continue in full force and effect once you have submitted your license application.

The terms of this license will end upon the earlier of the following:

1) The conclusion of your Incitement(EventName); or
2) The termination of your license; or
3) The conclusion of your Incitement License Validity Period.

The Incitement has the right to terminate your license at any time.

The Incitement will terminate your license if you do not use the trademark or service marks according to the quality control guidelines that are set forth in the Incitement Manifesto and requirements.

The license holder is not allowed to transfer, sublicense and/or assign the license or the right to use Incitement’s Intellectual Property to anyone.

The Incitement is under no obligation to provide Incitement licensees with any personnel, resources or materials, other than what is provided here. The organiser of the Incitement event will be responsible for all resources, equipment, staff, lodging, food or other materials necessary or required to organize an Incitement event that is compliance with the quality assurance guidelines as mentioned here.

If you are going to be conducting any physical or athletic activities during your Incitement event, you must have personal and/or health insurance coverage. You insurance coverage should include bodily injury, property damage, death, product liability and advertising injury arising out of the activities held during your Incitement(Event).

You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages you may sustain or cause others to sustain in connection with your Incitement event, and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Incitement and its officers, directors, sponsors, partners, employees, volunteers, affiliates, licensers, and suppliers from and against any liability arising from such injuries and/or damages.

You agree that the terms of this License are the entire agreement between you and The Incitement and it supersedes all communications of any kind between you and The Incitement and its representatives with respect to the License and any guidelines, rules or policies incorporated in this License.

Upon applying for an Incitement license you are declaring your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this License and the following Incitement Manifesto:

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