Apply for an Incitement event license

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how you apply for your license

Before you apply for a license there’s exactly 4 things you need to decide. These things are important as they will set the general tone for your event. If you have decided those 4 things, you click the ‘Apply’ button on your right and on the bottom of this page.

Type of event

As of now there are 2 different types of events. There is the Standard Event. And there is the University Event. The names speak for themselves, really 😉 For any event that is not organized inside a university, you should apply for a Standard Event License. If you want to bring Incitement to your university, then you apply for the University Event License.

» Read more about the different event types here

Name of your event

The name of your event will be predetermined by the location at which the event is held. Larger city names are reserved for 2nd Degree License holder, and national event names are reserved for Incitement co-founders.

» Read more about event naming here

Event theme

The theme of your event should community-driven. This means that the theme you select would preferable be a theme that brings a lot of value to your community. Brainstorm some ideas with your event team, or involve your speakers to come up with a fitting, overarching theme.

» Read more about how to pick an event themes

Date of your event

Last but not least you should have a tentative date for your event before you apply. Remember: when you apply for a 1st Degree License the event should take place within 6 months after your license gets approved.

You are only eligible to receive a license if you meet the following requirements:

Before you apply

Do you know everything there is to know about Incitement?

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Do you know what it takes to organize an Incitement event?

» Organizer responsibilities

Do you understand that you have to follow the Incitement Manifesto?

» Incitement Manifesto

Have you read the license agreement?

» Incitement License Agreement

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