Event theme

Picking a theme that fits your community best

Every Incitement event has an overarching theme. This theme is important as it will be the main tagline for your event. Your community will largely decided based on your theme whether they should attend your event. Find out how to pick a theme that fits the needs and interests of your community.

Themes and topics

There is a difference between themes and topics:

  • A theme is the overarching title of your event.
  • A topic is a subject that you’d like to cover at your event.

For example: Say the theme of your event is “Super Women.” The speakers and topics during this event could include:

  • A woman speaking about fearless authenticity
  • A female happiness psychologist talking about happiness
  • A girl who shares beautiful poetry

Another example: Say the theme of your event is “Finding Your Passion.” The speakers and topics during this event could include:

  • A social activist sharing what he learned from standing up for human rights
  • An entrepreneur talking about his lessons as a business owner
  • A group of students sharing a break-through science project

About your theme

The theme is the first impression people will get when they see your event. Try to formulate your theme in the form of a question, a statement, a challenge, or an idea. Select a theme that can be interpreted loosely, yet give a sense of direction for the speakers. Try to anticipate your community’s needs. To understand your community’s needs better, you could simply ask them via social media, or by calling some people you know in the city you live. Let them know that you are looking to organize an INCITEMENT event, and what kind of theme and topics they would like to see.

Rules to remember

  • You can never pick a theme that promotes a political, religious, or polarizing agenda.
  • Your event can serve to open up a meaningful discussion in your local community, but it should never be insulting any local norms and values.
  • Your theme should not violate any local laws or regulations.
  • Your event cannot be single-topic driven. For example an event on “happiness.”
  • The purpose of any INCITEMENT event is to inspire and motivate your audience and turn this inspiration into action. Any themes, topics, or speakers that deviate from this ideology are not allowed.

About your theme

Involve your community. If you are having difficulties coming up with a theme, why not invite a group of people to help you? Ask the most inspirational people you know to help you come up with a theme, and hey, maybe they can be a speaker at your event, too.

Stay up-to-date. Read the local news to see what topics are regularly covered. This will give you an idea of what is keeping your community busy at the moment. Building your event around an actuality is a great way to contribute to current issues in your community in a meaningful way, and attract a relevant audience.

Encourage diversity through your theme. Make sure your event theme is overarching, broad, and abstract. The idea is to invite a diverse group of speakers from different disciplines, so that they can all share a refreshing perspective about the theme.


Example themes

These are some theme that have been very successful for Incitement events around the world:

  • Super Women
  • Why You Should Never Give Up
  • Creating Things That Matter
  • Failing Forward
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Possibillities Are Endless
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