Branding & Promotion

As an Incitement event organizer you are an ambassador of the Incitement brand. A responsibility not to be taken lightly.

The Incitement brand has undergone exponential growth since it was founded late 2011. Within its first 3 years Incitement expanded to 37 countries all over the globe, and it’s absolutely crucial that the Incitement brand is promoted only as listed in the Incitement Manifesto.

There are various ways you can go about this, and we will teach the basics of using the Incitement brand identity.


On this page you will find the guidelines you will need to follow when you use the Incitement logo. Your logo will be used on all your branded materials, so make sure you read this section carefully so that you get it right.

» Read more about logo guidelines

Event naming

All Incitement events are always named after the location in which the event is being held. Read here how to pick the right name for your event.

» Read more about event naming

Event listing

All the Incitement organizers should list their event on the main Incitement domain. Once your license is approved, you’ll be required to fill up a form about your event. Filling up the form with automatically submit your event to Incitement’s global events directory.

» Read more about listing your event here

Social media

Your event branding, your event logo, your event messaging, and your overall online presence matter. A lot! So make them count when you share your message on social media platforms, and make sure to keep the rules into account.

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Event website

Not everybody has the resources to build an event website for their Incitement event. But if you are building your own Incitement website, you need to make sure you have all the resources and time needed to make one.

» Read more about it

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