Introduction to the Organizer Guide

Learn how to create a high-quality Incitement event & experience.

Aw yeah! You decided to empower your community using Incitement. Did you know that by doing this you’re joining one of the fastest growing international communities on the planet? Incitement is currently in 37 countries, and so we’d like to welcome you to what we call ‘The Incited Nations’ family. Together we will co-create an abundance of impact on a local and global scale.

So you have your license approved. What happens now?

By now you should have read the Incitement Manifesto, these are the non-negotiable rules that everyone has to follow. This Organizer Guide, however, is merely a roadmap containing valuable tips and suggestions that will help you create the best Incitement experience possible.

In this Organizer Guide we will give you everything you need to get equipped for organizing your Incitement event.

What is the Incitement movement?

ITo ensure you are clear of why we do what we do: Incitement is a global movement that encourages individuals to incite positivity in a form of goals, visions, shared knowledge, compelling stories and transforming their inspiration into taking assertive action.

An Incitement event is no ordinary talk. It is a transformational experience that is not just about the content provided by the speakers (a.k.a. Inciters). The Incitement experience is designed around 3 pillars:

  • Fun
  • Contribution
  • Growth

The programme of the event should reflect these 3 pillars wherever possible, to facilitate a playful and informal environment that allows for intimate connections, personal growth, and instill a mindset of togetherness to take on the world’s social challenges. For this inspiration to manifest itself into tangible output, every Incitement event organizer should encourage its attendees to join Inpactor

The vision & mission of Incitement

Incitement’s mission is to inspire local communities through powerful events, and to activate local communities to spread positivity & create social impact through Inpactor.

Impact, impact, impact

Inspiration is just inspiration. Ideas are just ideas. Talk is just talk. And unless you decide to take action, it will forever remain that way. At Incitement we value impact a lot. We don’t like to sit around waiting for things to change. We like to spark that change.
When you bring Incitement to your community, start by thinking about what problems you’d like to solve in your community. Yes, by talking about those issues, and breaking open the discussion. But also by actually doing, and making things happen.

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