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Create win-win partnerships that last

If this is your first Incitement event we recommend you to keep it simple. Dig into your personal network, and that of your friends and family, and get partners on board to help you reduce the cost of putting up the event. When Incitement was first started, the organizing team had very little resources.

To put up a great Incitement event nonetheless, the team had to get creative about their resources. They borrowed equipment to do the event production, sourced speakers from every corner of the city, and even asked friends to use their house to hold their first Incitement event. We still encourage Incitement event organizers to bootstrap their events this way.

As your Incitement event grows, and gains more traction in your community, you may need to start looking for funds and other resources to help you scale. In other words, it’s time for you to look for partners and sponsorships to help you grow your Incitement event. Here are some pointers on how you could succeed in partners or getting sponsors on board.


If you’re looking for a partner to join and be a part of your Incitement event you need to take the time to educate them on what it means to partner with Incitement.

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Getting sponsors can be a challenge for many organizers. When approaching a potential sponsor, you’ll need to explain what Incitement is about, excite them about the impact it brings to the community, and convince them it’s worth spending their resources on it.

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Action steps

You’ve identified potential partners and sponsors, so now you’ll have to convince them that Incitement is a good channel for them to spend a part of their budget on.

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Sponsorship packages

A sponsorship package will help your case when you present your Incitement event to potential partners and sponsors. By coming prepared when you meet your partners you will make a good first impression. And by visually showing ‘what’s in it for them’ you will be able to present a more convincing case.

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Staying engaged

Remember that people build relationships, not companies. Try to really get to know your partners and sponsors during the event, follow up with them and share the impact that was created.

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