Sponsor logo placement on social media

Making sure you are carrying forward the Incitement brand identity

On this page you will find the guidelines you will need to follow when you use the Incitement logo. Your logo will be used on all your branded materials, so make sure you read this section carefully so that you get it right. To make it easy for you to create the Incitement logo for your event you can download Incitement logo templates on this page as well.

Facebook event cover image

If you are promoting your event on Facebook, you are allowed to put sponsor logos on the event cover images. You can place the logos of the sponsors for your Incitement event as displayed below:

Rules to remember

  • Never have your sponsor logo appear to be a part of the Incitement logo
  • Always use the Website Logo on your event website
  • Always use the On-Stage Logo on the stage during your event
  • Never alter the Incitement logos besides what is mentioned in the logo guidelines
  • Never use the Incitement logo without your Event name
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