Aw yeah! Your event was a success, congrats! Time for the final steps to close your event & get your license renewed.

It’s a wrap! Now, there are a few more important steps you should take to close your event. These steps are just as important as any other step in organizing your event, and are a crucial factor for license renewal.

Now that you event is over there are a few small, but vital steps to wrap up close out your event. These steps are crucial to getting your license renewed and also once your license gets renewed, these steps will help you make your next Incitement event a bigger success.

Post-event organizer form

After the conclusion of your event, please fill our our post-event organiser form. This form helps us understand how well your event went so that we can help you make your next event a greater success. We are also very interested in your feedback on the process of organizing the event, so we can learn from you as an organizer how to support you better. Also, this post-event organizer form is important for us to evaluate license renewal.

Uploading Content

Take time after your event to upload all your content from the event. You should do this preferably within the first 3 days after the event so that your content is fresh. People are usually excited to see photographs of the event the next day, so don’t disappoint them.


Upload all your photographs to your Flickr account. For more details on uploading the pictures, go to the Photography & Video section in the Incitement Manifesto


You must upload your videos to the official Incitement Youtube Channel via our media uploader. You can figure out how to upload your videos in the Official Incitement Youtube channel in the Photography & Video section. The videos of your event should be uploaded onto the Official Incitement YouTube channel within 2 weeks after the event.

Updating Project Pie & your event website

After you’ve uploaded all your content to your social media platforms, its time for you to update your project page on ProjectPIE. Share the links to your albums and share some of your videos from youtube. Do the same for your website, update it with pictures and videos and links to your social media platforms.

Post-event debrief

We all want to improve in everything that we do right? This is why post-event debriefing becomes vital and probably one of the most important things that you need to do for every event. We know from personal experience how easy it is to forget something in the whirlwind of organizing. It’s important to make time for a post-event debrief, preferably the next day while it’s still fresh! By writing down things as they happen you won’t miss anything that could be vital to make this better for the next Incitement event.

You should be looking at what was successful about your event, what didn’t work so well and how you can improve on these things in the future. The type of aspects of your event that you should be thinking about falls roughly into the following categories:

  • People. Did your team work well together at this event, or were there any particular communication problems? Do you maybe have to add people to your team, or explain certain procedures better to certain team members?
  • Processes. Have a look at current systems and structures and think about how they were working, and how they could be improved.
  • Tools. For example, how did the technology you used contribute to the
  • success of the event? How could you improve it?

Once your event is over and the dust has settled, get everyone together for a debrief preferably right after your event when your audience has left. If some people are still sticking around for networking, you can wait and have the debrief the next day while the event is still fresh in everybody’s mind.

The point of having a debrief is to look at all aspects of the event, in an open and honest way. Remember that the most important this is that you are a team. And as a team you just pulled off an amazing event. There will always be room for improvement, no matter how epic your event. Take this as an opportunity to help your team and your event grow, as you build the Incitement movement furtherin your community.

You’re not looking to place blame for any failures, but rather to analyze how they can be improved the next time. Everyone did what they knew best at that time, if they will know better, they will do better. Your job is to educate your team.

You need to document everything that made the event what it was, so you can gain insight into the way you work. By using the pointers on how to successfully debrief after your event, you can go forward with a deeper understanding of how to solve challenges. If you’re struggling with what to look at, not to worry at all. Here are some questions that you might find helpful:

  • Was the event an overall success, even if there were issues?
  • What worked? This is just as important to document as what didn’t work.
  • How could you have handled the challenges differently?
  • Was there anything that you had no control over, and is there any way you can avoid that in the future? For example, if your only speaker fell ill, could you have had planned more than one speaker, or had a stand-in?
  • What mistakes were made? Be honest if you made mistakes, mistake are merely room for growth, nothing more.
  • Was the Incitement Manifesto strictly followed?
  • Did your speakers and sponsors comply with the Incitement Manifesto?
  • Was the venue suitable for your event?
  • How was the athmosphere during the event?
  • Was Project Pie successfully pitched? Did you recruit enough volunteers?
  • Were the audience sessions executed well? Did your audience enjoy them?
  • How did The Rant go? Did someone volunteer? Should you have a “volunteer double” for your next event?
  • Did the Appreciation Round go well? What can be improved?

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Once you get into this method you’ll come up with more relevant discussion points.

A great practice is to make the Appreciation Round an internal exercise within your team. Express what you appreciate about each other’s efforts before you dive into the feedback part. This will help you set the right tone for this meeting.

The best way to go about it is to have the lead organizer of the Incitement event (that’s YOU!) to moderate, gather everyone around and have your team share their appreciation with the team. Having your own Appreciation Round is a great way to create a very strong bond between everyone in your team.

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