Programme & Content

The right content for the right audience during your Incitement event.

Here is where you get to see the magic happen, the heart of the Incitement Experience, the formula to inspire your audience and transform their inspiration to take action. We will show you a basic program content flow of the event. Study it, understand it, and see if it would work well with the people in your community.

Here’s a summary breakdown of what happens during each event – this will help you visualize how an Incitement Experience is in action:


As participants arrive, a representative will get them to mingle and connect with other participants This goes on 30 minutes before the event starts. During the registration process you can capture information to grow your database.


As the show is about to start, play the 5-second countdown (media movie showing countdown). Play the Incitement montage after the countdown and when the montage is finished, you can play part of a song to get the audience pumped up.


Audience prep

Get the audience pumped up and excited. For example, get them to do high fives to the person next to them, do a Mexican wave, etc. The host should get creative to give a unique touch to how the event is being hosted. This should not last longer than a minute.


After that the host can move on to welcoming the audience and sharing a little bit about Incitement , for example:

  • Welcoming them, share what is Incitement, what we do, etc.
  • Where else is Incitement around the world?
  • The topic theme for tonight, and why you chose that topic.
  • The desired outcome for this event
  • Show sponsor slide
  • Etc.

Speaker 1

After that, go straight to your first Inciter (speaker). Speaker comes on stage and speaks for 18 minutes max. As the host calls up a speaker on stage, you can play a song to pump up the atmosphere. Every speaker can choose their own entrance song (it will give a very cool effect!).


Group session 1

Up next we’ll have an exercise where the host becomes the facilitator/trainer. We have a variety of exercises to choose from and all of them have unique lessons for the audience to learn. From genuine personal growth exercises to energy building, they’re all designed to keep the audience hooked and get them to play and get outside their comfort zone. You can come up with any exercise you know of yourself.

Or you can pick from the example below:

Get my birthday right

Split the audience in half, each half picks a leader and has to arrange everyone’s birthday in order. Facilitator will check if they are in order. This includes the days, months, and years. (5 minutes but works only for less than 100 people in the hall). Prepare for chaos 😉

3 ideas that will change the world

Get in groups of 4 and with the 4 of you in the group, brainstorm an 3 ideas that you all feel can change the world and incite positive action in terms of human development, clean air, social business model etc., anything that will shake the world and leave a huge impact to society. Pick the best one and stick with it. Facilitator will go at randomly and ask each group best idea (5 minutes).

Teach me something

Grab a partner that you don’t know, teach your partner something that he can learn from you. It can be anything from math equations to fun facts. (2 minutes each)

Pitcher pocketeer

Everyone takes an item out from their pocket or handbag, pick a partner that you’ve never met, show your partner what items you have, why you have it and why s/he should buy it from me and have it as well (2 minutes each).

Speaker 2

After your group exercise, you go straight into Speaker 2. Always remember, when calling your speaker on stage, they must have an entrance song to them as they make wake to the stage. Reason why we do this is because music always helps elevate the experience of an event. Try it and let us know how it worked out for you.

The Roast

The Roast is a karaoke presentation that is compulsory. This is where random people from the audience volunteer by coming up on stage, and present a random presentation that has been prepared for them. They can be creative, connect the dots between each slide, tell it like a story line etc. It’s all about quick thinking on their feet and this is the fun part of Incitement. The host will brief the volunteer how s/he can go about the presentation slides.

A minute to inspire

This session is optional. How it works is rather than asking volunteers from the audience to present a slide, you ask anyone from the audience who would like to share a story of their own experience (3 mins max). Apart from the amazing speakers that we have on stage, we believe people from the audience have a beautiful message to share as well. Encourage them to share it with you. It will create a ripple effect amongst your audience.

Speaker 3

Save the best and most powerful and inspiring speaker for last. This depends on how good you know them and how they deliver.

Appreciation round

When the last speaker has finished, there is an Appreciation Round. All the speakers are called up on stage, including the volunteers for the The Rant, and the audience shares their appreciation with the Inciters. They share who empowered them the most, who was their favorite, who inspired them etc. This is probably the most powerful part of the entire Incitement experience. When you get the audience to share their appreciation (not feedback) this opens up a whole new Pandora’s Box of positivity, motivation, impact,, intimacy, and engagement.


You already have created ‘the moment’ for them to think about what they have digested from the event. Some people will want to know how they can get involved with Incitement, how can they grow or take part in initiatives that will help them to be better and contribute back to their community. This is where you pitch Inpactor. Encourage your attendees sign up, and start creating projects on the platform. Explain to them how it works and how it will help them to grow their community.

Network & mingle

After the show finishes, there is a networking/mingling session. This is the moment the audience can get to know their speakers on a personal level, and mingle with other members of the audience.

Testimonials from the audience

During the networking session, take the opportunity to record some testimonials from your audience and speakers.

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