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Inspire & activate your audience with incredible speakers.

Incitement is a platform for dynamic speakers to share their amazing visions, goals, shared knowledge and compelling stories to inspire the audience in taking assertive action. Here are some pointers to help you out in getting your speakers.

Creating a theme

The theme for your event is very important. It’s one of the first things you need. So sit down with your team and come up with a theme that can pull a crowd, a theme that your community can relate to, a theme that allows you to pull in speakers from various backgrounds.

Some great examples of themes that The Incitement has done before include “Failing Forward”, “Possibilities are Endless”, “Finding your Clarity”, “Superwomen”, and so forth.

Always keep your theme vague and broad but not too broad and vague. It sounds like it doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t.

In all seriousness though, if you make your theme too niche you won’t as much leeway to diversify your speakers and it will make your event appea to a less broader audience.

Make sure you read this section of the Incitement Manifesto about themes for your event

Selecting speakers (a.k.a. Inciters)

Your local speakers are the inspiration engines of your Incitement event. When Incitement first started, the organizers looked at the network that they had. Sometimes you’ll be surprised that your friends are great at speaking. Talk to your friends, family, and relatives, and really try to dig into your network.

If you want to broaden your search, there are many mediums that you can use to look for great speakers. Look at newspapers, social media, former TEDx speakers, or even TED speakers. You can ask around in the company you work for, your local sports club, or your university. Everyone has a great story to tell. Look out for your event speakers outside the box.

Your speakers don’t have to be from the same nationality as you – if you know any foreigners who could contribute, take them in! Diversify your content because the more different perspective they provide, the more value your audience will.

Inviting Inciters

Once you have identified your speakers, make sure you invite them in the most personal way possible. Even if you know them personally, send them an invitation via email extending an official invitation. Start your email with ‘You have been selected to talk at Incitement’.

You’ll need to brief them about the theme of the event, the programme, the speaker rules as listed in the Incitement Manifesto,and provide them with any other information relevant to your event (think of the venue, the times, etc.). You will do this only after your speaker has officially accepted the invitation.

Briefing Inciters

When speakers arrive at the venue, make sure your mic runners know who the speakers are. Have someone show the speaker around in the venue, and brief them about what time they’ll be on stage inciting the udience.

Make sure your speaker knows what time she should go up, and give them a timely queue to let them know it’s almost their turn. Make sure the microphone the speaker is wearing is tested before the speaker goes up on stage.

Every speaker can have their own entrance song, to get the audience in the right mood. You can play this after the host invites the speaker on stage. This is all part of the Incitement experience for our speakers.

Speaker rules

Speakers at Incitement are called Inciters and there are a few ways in which our Inciters are different from other speakers. Remember that Incitement events are all about creating the best experience for your audience and this helps facilitate their growth in every manner. The speakers play a huge role in this, and here are the rules and guides to craft your speaker towards the Incitement Experience.

  • Make sure you vet them before approving – you must make sure that your speaker doesn’t sound so salesy or pitching about their idea of a product or if they are too academic in a sense where it will kill the flow. In other words, you have to vet them and see if they are the perfect fit for the Incitement talk and the theme.
  • Speakers at Incitement have a maximum of 18 minutes on stage, which means you need to time your speaker. Ideally your speaker would have a countdown timekeeper on stage. If you don’t have a timekeeper you can also give the speaker a queue at 3 minutes (for example).
  • Engagement is key. Adding exercises in their talk, asking questions to the audience, or just simply being very engaging and interactive with the crowd; this gives a lot of value rather than talking and presenting their slides.
  • There are no special privileges for speakers – your speakers will actually be sitting amongst the crowd throughout the entire Incitement Talk UNLESS it’s almost their turn. If this happens, make sure you get the runner to mic him up already or get him to be prepared for his presentation.
  • Presentation slides – make sure you ask your speaker for their slides (in some cases they don’t need any). If they do, make sure you have them 2 days before the event! This is because we want to make sure the slides are optimized on the master slides (which is basically where you put all your slides into one slide file with all the speaker’s slides and the content of the event). Incase s/he needs to modify their slides, make sure the content team is always in touch with the speaker.
  • Speakers should ideally stay until the end of the program, because at the end of every event there is an Appreciation Round. You should try to get all your speaker to stay until the end of the event, and participate in the Appreciation Round. Not only is this a great way for the audience to connect with the speakers, but for the speakers themselves this is an incredibly rewarding moment.
  • Speakers have their own theme song – when you’ve confirmed your speakers, ask them what song would they want for their stage entrance. It adds a nice twist to the whole event experience.
  • Speaker should preferable come earlier your Incitement event– we are doing this because we want the speakers to be there when the audience arrives so that they can mingle and talk to the incoming audience already. This allows the audience to have more value when they attend your Incitement and it enriches the whole event experience and rarely do you see this happen in many mainstream events.
  • Speaker Release Form 
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