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Team & Volunteers • Incitement Events

Team & Volunteers

The quality of your team = the quality of your event

A great team makes a great event. It’s as simple as that. It’s important to gather a group of people around you who are excited about fulfilling a role during your event.

You need a team to run the experience. Assess who you really need to run an event and fill those gaps. You should divide your team into backend and frontend. The backend team takes care of technical matters, event production, etc. Your frontend team takes care of the floor management, speaker liaising, hosting, etc.

Your team should consist of volunteers, but it’s paramount to find the right people for the job. Remember that volunteers do what they do not only for the contribution, but also for their own personal growth. Make sure volunteers are continuously learning and growing in a fun and playful environment. How your volunteers feel inside your team reflects on your event.

Roles of your team

Every person on your team should have a designated role to fit their specific skill set. Make sure that volunteers are continuously learning and growing in a fun and playful environment in the role you give them. How you volunteers feel inside your team reflects on your event.

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Recruiting the right people

Your team should have both the skills and the capacity to fulfill their role. Organizing an Incitement event is a big commitment and will take up a fair amount of your team member’s time. Make sure to select team members who are ready to make that commitment.

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Managing your team

You are the main organizer of this event, and so your team members will look to you for instructions and decision making. You’ll need to manage your team before, during, and after the event.

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Being a leader

You have taken on the role of spreading inspiration and motivation to get your community to take assertive action. Your mission is to bring positive impact to your community in order to help your local economy to grow.

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