Organizer Responsibilities

Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience for you & your audience


Organizing an Incitement event is an incredibly rewarding experience. It also requires a lot of time and dedication. You are responsible for delivering a high-quality Incitement experience for you community. We are here to to help you get ready for it!

As an organizer you are responsible for successfully carrying out the event. You need to know what you’re getting into before you get started. Read below what your responsibilities are.

Incitement Organizer Responsibilities

Compliance with the Incitement Manifesto

At first glance the Incitement Manifesto might seem like a lot of work, but the better you know the Incitement Manifesto, the more value you will be able to deliver to your audience. The Incitement Manifesto was created by The Incitement to make organizing the event for organizers worldwide easier and more seamless. You, as the license holder and main event organizer, carry the responsibility to follow the Incitement Manifesto.

Deliver the Incitement Experience

Incitement events follow a programme that is very different from any other event out there. This is what we call The Incitement Experience. And it your responsibility to deliver it at the highest quality possible. Remember the 3 Incitement Pillars: fun, contribution, and growth. Every Incitement event must be jam-packed with all 3.


Inpactor is Incitement platform to promote social impact, and an integral part of any Incitement event. As a license holder and main event organizer you should encourage your audience to get involved on Inpactor, and start creating social impact in their community or on a global scale.

Carrying forward the Incitement vision

How does a movement grow to almost 40 countries without any funding, investment, or barely any marketing? Right! A powerful vision. This vision has to be broad enough for you to be able to truly own it, and carry it forward. At the same time it needs to be specific enough so that efforts taken to reach that vision are streamlined and synergized. This is why the INCITEMENT Manifesto was created. As the license holder we’re giving you that responsibility, to be the ambassador and defender of that vision.

Promote different perspectives

Encourage constructive discussion before, during, and after your Incitement event by bringing different perspectives to your community. Different perspectives on the same topic your event not more more interesting, it will also accelerate the personal growth experience of your audience.

Discover & expose local talent

Try to present the most extraordinary people the world has never seen before at your event. Incitement is a playing ground and a platform for growth, for your audience but also for your speakers. Give local talent a chance to take the stage and inspire your audience if they have unique, and inspiring ideas. As long as the speaker is inspiring the audience, the amount of experience he or she has is irrelevant.

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