Amzar is a 22 year old visionary that is constantly trying to learn as much as he possibly can. While studying in economics in the U.S. at liberal arts college known as Reed College (same college as Steve Jobs), Amzar has gained a diverse set of skills as he has had to hold up to 4 jobs at one point in time. He’s known among the community as an Innovator Enthusiast and a Philosopher in the art of Love.

Despite being 22, Amzar has lived in 6 countries and has gained a great wealth of knowledge from his travels. The most craziest he has ever done was traveling across the United States with a motorbike that he bought from his part time jobs (multiples of them) just for the sake of the adventure of biking around the states. This is when the real life challenged him to literally faced countless of fear, obstacles and life threatening situations that arise during his journey. He’s going to share you all of it in this coming episode of Incitement. Later on stage, he is going to teach you all what he has learned from his travels and how he has grown from it.

Published on Jul 19, 2014
The Ride That Changed My Life by Amzar Faiz @ Incitement KL

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