About the Speaker
  • Profession
    Associate Director, Wild Asia (Mexico)

Rubén Cortés combines experience in tourism, business development, management and education from Europe, Latin America and South East Asia with a great passion for sustainability.

Originally from Mexico, Rubén moved to Cambodia in 2009 where, as a business lecturer, he started switching from promoting business development to promote sustainable development. In 2012 he moved to Malaysia and got involved in the social entrepreneurship sector. His interest in pragmatic and effective solutions took him back to North America to learn what is considered the most radically sustainable design and building model: Earthship Biotecture.

Through buildings, installations, consulting projects, workshops and talks he promotes critical thinking in order to raise awareness and promote better practices based on equality and sustainability for humans and other species in this planet. Join Ruben for this episode and see how you could play your part and contributing to lives that matter.