Andrea was born in Mexico City and has been out of her comfort zone constantly through her life. Things had been not as easy as they appear. She managed to pay her university after her dad’s business went bankrupt which plummeted her engaging to the working world at the age of 18. She soon realised the corporate world was not her forte and started learning about amazing personalities doing awesome things in life. After noticing that most of the best websites and projects were only in english, she decided to start her own website in Spanish, the objective: Give Latin-American people the tools and inspiration to achieve their dreams, travel the world and create their online business. She started with a podcast interviewing successful people called Viajero Emprendedor (Travel Entrepreneur), now her podcast has been heard from more over than 50,000 people already worldwide.

Her biggest motivation is to inspire Latin American people and she believes there is so much talent and ideas coming from the Latin American People; all that they are missing is to believe in themselves. In June she is starting a tour around Latin America under the project “Revolutionise your Passion.” Andrea combines her love for travelling and online business with her love for volunteering. She has been a volunteer for 7 years and her latest project is contributing with Incitement Growth.

The road of stepping outside her comfort zone has had many stages but one thing is for sure which she has enjoyed every moment of it and she wasn’t to keep pushing positive change to the world starting with the People of Latin America. She is constantly stepping out her comfort zone and she has found a lot of things in common every time which leads her to wanting to share with you all her roads, lessons and most importantly why.

Published on Jul 23, 2014
How Stepping Out Change Everything by Andrea Rojas @ Incitement KL

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