What is Incitement

A thriving global community of independent event organizers

Incitement is a thriving, international army of independent event organizers who are passionate about activating their local community to do good, and create social impact, by exposing them to powerful, inspirational events. The Incitement movement that has spread to almost 40 countries in its first 3 years and is now looking for YOU to inspire and impact more people… Because the world needs change makers like yourself more than ever now.

Incitement events are run very differently from most events. It is much more focused around the experience for the audience, whereas other events focus largely on the speakers and their content. At Incitement we focus on creating high engagement, interaction between the speakers and the audience, and bonding and new connections.

Incitement events aim to achieve very specific output from its events, which is activating its audience to get involved in social impact initiatives. That is why Inpactor is an integral part of every Incitement event.

The goal of each event is not just to inspire. It is to immediately do something tangible with that inspiration.


Incitement events are short bursts of inspiration. Typically an Incitement event lasts for about 3-5 hours, and includes 3 speakers and 3 exercises. Every Incitement event ends with Appreciation Round, to appreciate and express gratefulness towards the speakers, volunteers, or attendees of the event. The length of the presentations are never longer than 18 minutes. We like to keep it short and sweet.


We encourage a variety of topics, depending on what you think your community would benefit the most from. In the end the goal is to serve your community.


At Incitement we focus on A LOT of interaction with the audience, because that is what the event is all about. Ensuring a high quality experience for your attendees. One way to do this is by actively involving them in exercises, breakout sessions, team building, etc. This allows you attendees to get out of their comfort zone, get to know the people around them, and grow in an intimate environment.

What Incitement is not:

  • An Incitement event is not meant to drive any commercial agenda or sell something. In fact, Incitement maintains a strict no-selling policy for everyone involved.
  • An Incitement event is not meant to drive any religious or political. Incitement has no religious or political affiliations. As an event organizers you should keep any religious or political affiliations you have stricly separate from the organization of your Incitement event.
  • An Incitement event is not meant to raise funds for any NGO, corporation, or any other organization or entity.
  • An Incitement event is not meant to be organized with the purpose of creating exposure around your brand, organization, or product.
  • An Incitement is a stand-alone event and is not meant to be co-branded or co-organized.
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